General Information

How much do you charge?

My rates vary depending on the type of work I am doing (photo, design, etc..) plus what the images are being used for if it is a business.

What if I need photos for my portfolio?

I am happy to work with models looking to add images for their portfolio. We can sit and look at your images to evaluate what you need and then do photos accordingly

Do you do studio portraits?

I can do photos in a studio. It would require renting a studio for the photo shoot. Most of my work is not done in the studio, so it is not necessary for me to maintain a full time studio space.

What is the "Location Portrait Session"?

This is a generic photo session taken at a location other than a studio. It can be in a home, at a park, the beach or any location appropriate for the photo. If it is a portrait, it can allow the person to be shown in an area that represents them. It can also be a convenience to do the photos in your own home, by having me bring the lighting and camera equipment to you.

Where all do you go for location shoots?

I am happy to go to peoples homes or favorite parks within the Houston area. Further distances will require travel fees, but I will travel to most locations around the globe. Some locations may also require fees or special permissions to do a shoot there as well. That would depend on the location's owner.

What can I expect for an individual (or family) photo session?

Each session can be different depending on what we are doing. For individuals or families, I try to make each one an enjoyable experience. First we will discuss what you are looking for and try to develop an idea for the images that will represent you. Then we will set up the time and places details.

Once the time for the photo shoot arrives, I will take some time to set up lighting as needed for the shoot, while you are able to get into the proper clothing for the first images. Then we will shoot for about an hour. During that time, you can stop to change outfits as you desire. Be aware that frequesnt changes will reduce the number of images we take.

After we finish shooting, we will sit down and review the raw images together. You will be able to pick out the ones you like, and I will process them and have them delivered to you once they are finished.

How long is a session?

Generally allow a couple hours for a portrait session. This will include time to set up any lighting and then about an hour to take the photos. I do not try to to lock down a maximum time limit for portraits, as I do not want you to feel rushed in getting the best picture possible. Corporate work or if space rental is a factor, then there will be more consideration to finishing within a certain time limit.

Can I have a friend present?

Guest are allowed at shoots within reason. For models, I highly recommend bringing an extra person to any shoot especially when working with a photographer you have not worked with before.

Please limit it to one or two people. I recommend not bringing people that may make you nervous or distracted, such as a new boyfriend/girlfriend. They may not take photos or record video or audio at the shoot.

What is the difference between individual and commercial?

The main difference is how the images are used. Individual shoots are what most people are used to when you get a family portrait and want photos to display and share with friends and family. The term individual for me, can also include family or multiple people, but is centered around being for private use of the person or persons. Commercial work is usually done for a business where it will be sold or help sell a product or service.

Who will see my photos?

Most shoots, not intimate in nature, have a clause that allows my photos to be shown in my portfolio and marketing materials only. They will not be sold to others beside the client, and will not be represented as negative towards the client.

For photos of an intimate nature, these images will not be shown in any form to anyone but the client and people they choose to show them to unless the client provides me with prior written approval.

The clause can also be removed by request at any time by my clients before the shoot. I also will try to respect any request after the the shoot to the best of my abilities.


This information is fairly generic in answers. For specific details regarding your shoot, we will go over more details when discussing the shoot options. Some information may vary depending on the detals of your shoot, so only use these questions as guidelines until we confirm with your specific needs.